Why don't you understand?

By: Jacqueline Lee Adam

I can see it in your eyes
Yes, there it is again
you look away knowing in your heart
that soon we will part
but for what reason shall i ask
is it you, is it me, or is it the way you say
maybe some day it will work out better, yes better
it will be one day far away
why don't you care
what will it take
to make you feel the pain you inflict
why don't you want me the way i want you
it makes me crazy thinking of you
i need you, i think, but then i remember
i need only to know that one day it will be better
you need time to heal from past hurts
i need to let you have your time alone
before you go alone into the little world of yours, knowing
that with every day you see me you feel your life breaking apart
because what you really see is her in that mirror reflecting the
visions of loves past