By: joan martin rainbowpuff

Sometimes I wonder
What my life would be
Without someone to be with
Without someone to love me

I always dreamed of
A love that lasts
Someone to share with
A love built on trust

Someone who cares
In times when things crumble
Someone to be there
In moments of joy and sorrow

Someone who understands
How I really feel inside
Someone who knows all of my being
Yet his love never subsides

Someone to comfort me
When I’m in my weakest hour
Someone who will stand by me
Even if things are falling apart

Someone who will make me smile
When I’m getting hard on myself
Someone who will still embrace me
In times when I’m losing myself

Someone who listens
Even to foolish things I say
Someone who takes time
To lighten up a sullen day

Someone who looks forward to
Sharing a new dawn with me
Our moments together
Just letting things be

Someone who can share
His innermost thoughts
Without feeling hesitant
Without second thoughts

Someone who can confide
All the hurt he has inside
Without having any doubts
Trusting I’ll be by his side

Someone who is not afraid
To express what he feels
Someone who lets it all out
Making his love real

Someone who knows
How to fight for what he feels
Someone who can entrust himself
Someone who commits

Someone who can share
The dreams that he has
And impart with me
A love that lasts

I have always dreamed of someone
To take me out of these blues
Someone so special
Someone like you.