Dying Heart

By: Duane D Davis

This night I feel the breath of fire,
a death within my soul
My lifelong search, my heart's desire,
now rests among the coals

If I had known this day would come,
would anything have changed
Could I have stopped this love of mine,
and never know this pain

How does one seek to keep his love,
how does one hold his path
When love is but a passing train...
'twas once his better half

I find that I am questioning,
my actions from the start
Yet, question not my deepest thoughts-
the love within my heart

If we had truly drawn apart,
then maybe I could breathe
'Tis killing me that I know,
you only think you're free

The day shall come- not long from now,
when you will cry salt tears
For all is gone, forever lost
...for silly little fears