By: Farbod 74

In dreams I searched for love and one with whom I felt it true
In fantasy I awoke as one and began to fall for you
In reality we met and I have loved your body and soul
In truth you've left me and I shall never be whole

Why does the sun still shine on this dismal place
Why do birds still sing when I can't see your face
Why is my heart still true to one whom I can't be with anymore
Why must life go on, what am I living for

May God watch over you each and every day
May love find your heart and keep you warm & safe
May I never see or hear from you as this would kill me, dear
May I be on your mind each time you long to shed a tear

I'll love you for all eternity, of this I have no doubt
I'll always be here waiting, aching to cry out
I'll think of you each and every day until time stands still
I'll find no peace, no rest, or joy because my love is real

So carry on with your life and have no thoughts of me
Give your love to another and live happily
Think nothing of the pain and emptiness I feel inside
For, my love you can run from but from destiny you cannot hide!