The Saintly Angel

By: Rachel Eve Mallah

Wearing white, I see an angel,
She casts her spell of love upon me,
Takes her hand, wipes away my tears,
And then a warm, radiant glow - her smile...

This angel, able to hold fast and withstand almost anything,
Helps anyone through a bad time, sad time,
Her laugh, cherished as a pool of water in the desert,
Her touch reassuring, saintly...

Cannot figure out a problem, get something done,
There, in a brilliant flash is she, ready to conquer,
Need a favor, I make a wish for it,
And there she is to grant it...

I love her, these words are saying,
I need her and she is there,
Not everyone has as kind hearted an angel, if any,
But I guess I was just lucky enough to catch one...