By: Helene Pan7Cats

I want to hold you near
so close, so tight
to return all the hugs
you have given away..
I want to kiss the ears
that so often listened
to the woes of others and their pain..
I want to look into the eyes
where all the hurt of the heart
the body and the soul resides..
I want to inhale your body odors
and fill myself with your essence
fill myself 'til my lungs explode..
I want to touch your skin
feel the softness
that belies all the wonderous
battles you've fought..
I want to hold the hands
that have reached out
and, so tenderly, touched so many..
I want to caress your feet
that have allowed you to tower
even in the darkest hour..
I want to, so gently, touch your lips with mine
the same lips that know what to say,
how to say, and when it needs to be said..

I want you to know you are loved
I want you to know I am here
I want you to know when you are in pain,
I hurt
I want you to know when you are frightened,
I tremble
I want you to know for every tear you shed,
a pin pricks my heart...

I want you to know your dreams are my visions
and if you no longer dream then I am blind
I want you to know that your strength
has always enpowered me
I want you to know that your warmth
is my sunlight
and your love,
my reason...

But, most of all, my dearest, know
that whatever road we find ourselves on...
I want nothing more than to walk it with you....