Night Whispers

By: Sherry Lois Fionda

In the darkness of night
you say the words I long to hear
words that go unspoken
when morning light appears

Only when you're clouded
is your heart free to speak
it's then I hear your secrets
the secrets that you keep

The love you have for me
the lonliness I feel inside
in darkness I finally see
what daylight tries to hide

The love locked away
in a place that has no key
a secret room within your heart
you keep just for me

In the morning I'll be silent
pretending the words were never said
time to put the book away
its pages have been read

For the morning brings denial
I'll pretend I didn't hear
words I'll always cherish
hidden beneath my tears

For, even though you say the words
these ones I long to hear
the day will come I'll be alone
and you'll be with your fears

Time has not yet healed
the pain that haunts within
your ghosts are just too strong
in time they always win

And though you say you love me
in darkness of the night
time will take the words
as the darkness turns to light

So, I lie here holding tightly
to words you spoke to me
clinging to the darkness
hoping you won't see

How the darkness hides my tears
as I quietly begin to cry
the love I feel for you
is now falling from my eyes

It doesn't matter what you say
in the clouded cover of night
words whispered fade away
in the morning's early light

And as the day begins
I will no longer hold the key
to the door within your heart
you say belongs to me

Just memories of a moment
that's all I take with me
like whispers on a breeze
you feel- but never see

And it breaks my heart in two
but I know how things must be
I'm alone, in love with you
and you're alone, in love with me

And though morning brings the silence
and soon time will bring the end
I would relive every moment-
in love with you agian

Tonight I heard your secrets
and I'll keep them safe with me
for tonight you said the words
that you're in love with me

Whispers in the darkness
treasured moments of the night
love that must be hidden
from the morning's early light..