By: Jason Ryan Karol

Why do you make me feel this way
Why must I be this way
To let you in when I've shut so many out
Why must I think like this
Why must I be like this
What wicked twist has fate delt me
On this long road of life

I open myself to you and I don't know why
Others would only be so lucky to know
What you know. Why have I told you
I don't know

Sometimes I need someone to show me the way
To help guide me, when the road ahead is unclear
Is this you? Maybe, who knows
Maybe it's just me being free
Maybe it's just me, getting more lost in
The path of life, who knows....

Who are you to make me feel this way
New emotions, New thoughts sometimes
Its just to much to handle

Could it be? Maybe it could
To finally find someone who
I hold more dear than my own life
To go to the firey depths of hell and back
to make sure I feel no pain

Who are you to make me feel this way
I don't know; maybe you do
New Feelings, New emotions
Too much too soon

Who knows, maybe time will tell
Maybe I'll never know
Does it matter?
I don't know

It's Good' it's Bad
I love it; I hate it
I love to hate it
I hate to love it
Can you understand?

The way things work
like a clock forever ticking
without a flaw, tick tock
then all of a sudden it stops
Who knows

That's the way I feel
Can you understand me
Can you take what I have to offer
and be happy?
Or will it just be a waste of time, life and effort
Who knows. Guess I will just have to find out again

We hurt ourselves so much for the love
We want and can't have, and if and when we get it
We find a way to destroy it
Is that the way it's meant to be
Who knows
I don't.