Nothing To You

By: SweetePi

You went on and on about how much she meant to you,
as if I wasn't even there.
I was someone who once meant everything to you,
but you didn't even care.

All that was important to you was her,
all the memories you have together.
Oh, gosh, 1 whole day must have meant a lot,
to give up on 'forever.'

I guess I really don't get it.
What were you trying to do?
Were you just seeing how hard I would fall for you?
I fell pretty hard.

As a matter of fact my heart has the bruises to prove it.
You expect me to just "carry on,"
but I really don't think I can do it.
We were together for years, and that's a long time to let go.

You were my life-my everything, you just don't know.
It hurts to see you with her. Each time my heart cracks,
but I know that we are really over,
and that you'll never come back.

When you told me it was through,
I could see the coldness in your eyes.
You weren't the person I fell in love with,
she had you hypnotized.

You just walked away,
you couldn't even face me.
Right after you said what you had to say,
you left me.

I was left to cry all alone,
beneath the quarter moon.
I heard the song of forever,
playing a different tune.

You once said I was your world,
and that if we were through, it'd be crashed.
You threw all those words away,
and just turned your back.

You acted as if I was no one.
As if staying here wouldn't be worth your time.
You acted as if I was nothing to you,
and I was never part of your life.

How could you do this?
How could you just leave me all alone?
She must make you real happy,
if you let someone you once loved more than anything, go.

Even though you hurt me,
and I may never get better.
I wish you the best of luck with her,
and happiness forever.

If you couldn't be happy with me,
how dare I try to take happiness away?
You deserve it just as everyone else does,
I just wish I could be happy again someday.