I Cannot Protect Myself From THIS

By: Biana Yanovsky

What are you thinking about right now?
What's going through your mind?
Are you afraid I'm insincere,
Fake, stupid, AND blind?

Are you trying to figure out the reasons,
Trying to put together the facts?
Because that's what I'm doing,
I can't handle these broken pacts.

I shouldn't shed a single sorrowful tear,
If I claim to be in love with you.
I shouldn't be manipulating my sadness,
Being left behind alone and blue.

You tell me things, such beautiful things,
Oh, how I want to believe them all
But how can I believe a single word,
How can I allow my protective gates to fall?

Without them, I am vulnerable
To all the harshness love has to give.
But if I keep myself secluded,
Who will supply me with the will to live?

I thought you were there to bring me this,
A desire to strive and move on.
Now I'm noticing little by little,
That maybe, just maybe you AREN'T "the one."

I may be mistaken, I may be naïve,
But I have the confidence to judge and arrive at a conclusion.
I am, also, too in love and amazed by you,
I may easily fall victim to your delusion.

I pray that I will not be fooled,
But I cannot shelter myself from this kind of pain.
If it is destined for us to grow apart,
I just hope... it won't be in vain.