deep into me

By: Forever In Love

looking inside you. where do we run today? scattered about
in the riches we love, unknowingly in the brilliance of light
from above. nothing to abstract you...to deform you,
or make you dark. the other side is full of wild sensation.
we can dip ourselves in the serenity of the unknown...
we can blend our fantasies together, create a whole new horizon.
doors swing open, and there's nothing but possibility.
endless passion unrolling in the purity of our existence.
I can feel you, which makes it impossible not
to expand our minds, and perfect our touch.

each second dies. the past is constantly behind us
like every wave that embraces the shoreline. each breath cries
this life is constantly with us like every star that shines.
you amaze me.
I can't help but explore your eyes, and run my fingers
through your hair. I watch you dream when you sleep.
I feel your spirit in the air that breathes,
in the sun that bleeds. I'm here to fulfill your aspirations,
and all your needs.

The child you once were, is still within you.
You're always that special little girl.
It's infinite like the universe.

limitless in all I see, and feel. having you beside me,
to endure all that is real.