That first date, long ago . . .

By: Johnnie

You sat so casual, serenely comfortable,
in the spacious seat of my Fiero,
Driving down towards Taft, windows down,
not a care to where we go.

We chatted and found commonalties
that weren't present on the surface,
About Stephen King novels, movies, and cars;
any topic served our purpose.

Exposing your self-assuredness,
confident manner and subtle feminine poise
Observed, silently, by me,
without any subsequent cause for noise.

We discussed that evening's motion picture,
starring Robin Williams,
And how dramatic roles were not as kind
as comedies were to him.

You kept sweeping the stray hair
from your lovely face, whipped by the wind,
My eyes sought out and found
the structured beauty hidden deep within.

We laughed and chuckled at minor things
and enjoyed each other's presence,
I had never been with another that felt so right,
a mutual acquiescence.

To the beauty you exhibited
with every strong curve and gentle bend,
Excitement was building -
wondering how this night would eventually end.

As the light of the dashboard and the moon,
caught the gleam in you eyes,
I began to speculate, slowly,
what life would be like hearing your sighs.

Back at my loft, we embraced as lovers,
impassioned, entangled as one,
Kissing ever so deeply, I knew we would make love
before it was all done.

Yet, you showed remarkable restraint,
unexpected at the moment that night,
A respect for you was cemented
for everything else seemed so right.

I wanted to show you the time of your life
under those stars above,
Unknowingly, I was powerlessly falling,
tumbling, deeply towards love.

When Tambi and I invited you
to move in with us, shortly thereafter,
Our house was now a home...
filled with joy, love and laughter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now, all I have are memories
of those times nine years past,
With only a video of that Williams' movie -
I haven't watched, since.

The Stephen King novels now mock me,
for I have lost your trust and respect,
A mutual unwinding of our love had begun,
neither of us could detect.

Though you've given me a happy little boy
and a new sense of direction- 'tis true,
I would trade it all away, instantly,
without hesitation,

... to live that one night again with you.