Tucked In From The Storm

By: Gloria Jean Berry

Here we are all settled and warm.
tucked in, talking, riding the storm.
Outside we hear the splashes of rain
filling the gutters to rush down the drain.

We sit close together, watching the fire;
flames come alive and dance even higher.
It's good, just, to be here, safe from the night
talking and laughing, our dreams to excite.

Lightning flashes streak through the sky,
thunder rumbles, like trucks rolling by.
We snuggle together wrapped up in a throw,
watching the fireworks and loving the glow.

Rain on the roof makes a rhythmic sound.
As I melt against you my eyelids come down.
We lean close together, content in repose.
Your eyes are so heavy, lids flutter closed.

We nap there, entangled, without thought or care,
our hearts joined together, as we slumber there.
Wind and rain are drumming outside
But, we are, already, gone from the ride.