In My Mind

By: William Mae

In my mind I see us walking
Along the sandy open beach.
Ships are passing near the sunset,
Just outside our realm of reach.

In my mind there is a rainbow
That ships are passing through.
And you smile and point toward them,
And tell me this was your dream too.

In my mind the breeze is blowing
Softly tossing back your hair.
I tilt your head where I can see you,
And in your dreamy eyes I stare.

In my mind I fall into them
Not wanting to come out.
Wandering in those eyes forever,
Knowing love defeats our doubt.

In my mind I see us giving,
To each, our very best.
It makes me hold you even tighter,
I feel your warmth against my chest.

In my mind we just keep walking
Right on up into the night.
Laying in your arms while watching
Shooting stars burn out their lights.