Really Loved

By: Stacy E. Langley

Time knows no more than I,
Constant and mute to changes.
It is not time that changes the mind
But, sweet words, quick thoughts and pains.
A second and an eternity have equal share
If, in that time, I realize you care.

Do not use time to push me away
And dismiss my heartfelt plea.
I see the doubts that cast and stay
Because of prematurity.

Take my trembling hand and quivering lip
And let my tears reveal what you can't believe,
Because, your heart has broken bit by bit
And even yet.. continues to bleed.

Look into my eyes and listen, as I say with nervous breath,
that I open my heart to you, with a prayer above,
And expose what insecurity I have left
To tell you... you are really loved.