Why are you special, why indeed.

By: Paul Thomas Sluberski

Why indeed.

Special is your smile that makes me want to go the extra mile,

it is your eyes that brighten the day

and chase all the sadness away.

Special is your creativity that keeps my thoughts in check,

it is the sweet smell of your warm breath.

Special are your soft hands around my right index finger

as we walk and as I listen to you talk.

Special is your arm stretched across my chest as we take rest.

Special is your reflection in the mirror as you do your hair

and turn around to see if I care.

It is your song in the morning, it's your grumbling in the evening.

It is the reflection of God I see in you.

But that is not all that makes you special...

It's your passion and your drive to keep

the love between your family alive.

It's your spirit and your power to let your mom know

she is more beautiful than any flower.

It's your devotion to your sisters and brother that lets

them know that they are loved, that they matter.

It's your quest to make your father feel as great as any king,

to help him and his family see that your small apartment

is greater than all the lands of any royalty.

So when you ask me why I think you are so special,

it is I who ask where, where do I begin?