A Single Tear

By: Sabrina Franceska Hall

I’m curled comfortably on my couch,
With you clinging onto my body.
You press your head against my chest,
And tell me you can hear my heart.
“What does it sound like?” I ask,
Then I pet your head with my hand.
No reply comes from your open lips,
All that is heard is your sigh.
Years later, I find myself sitting
On the sofa like that one night.
Only this time, I am all alone;
You’re not there to hold tight.
My eyes let go of a single tear,
It trickles slowly until it hits my chin,
Where it falls to my heart.
An upside-down smile hangs on my face.
But then, I feel your presence,
The aching of my body ceases.
And I look down to my shirt,
Where you head once lay
To see that my tear has dried.
I wrap my arms around myself.
And I smile in my own embrace,
Knowing that you’ve touched my heart.