Just a couple days ago

By: Durrell Alvin Smoot

Just a couple days ago I dreamed
of our first night together.
It was so emotional, I wished
I had stayed dreaming forever.

I can’t imagine a life with anyone else.
I also can't imagine a life better
than one including you
and my self.

Without you in my life
who knows what I would become.
With your presence
I would stay forever young.

A world without your love
is a world that should never exist.
I realized that the first day I saw you
and I knew I had to get it.

Your love to me is the most beautiful
thing on earth,
I can imagine only one thing better,
our first child’s birth.

I right these things on paper
I’d probably die if I had to admit them to you.
I know that day is soon to come
I pray I can bear to follow through.