A True Friend

By: Pablo A Macias

A friend past known who will help me grow into something better
A true friend will let me know when I am not clear

A friend like you will always know how to say it clear
A friend knows when to stop me and tell me the plain truth, like you

But a true friend will hurt when they tell the truth to you
That hurt will always grow with you as the friend who tells you
Cause that friend really cares for you

Knowing you is a blessing in my heart
Cause my heart will show the scars and wounds
Formed by those who thought they knew me

I hope your tenderness and honesty will heal my blood and tears
Cause I think of you when I go to sleep to help me though my queries

When I wake you are there to show me happiness
It has been a long time since a friend like you has come to pass

I know you won’t disappoint my heart, a heart that will never lie
Who cares if it is cold as winter, or as worn as a sunrise

I see you as my morning sunrise