Fire and Ice

By: Sparrowgirl

Raging fire tossed and turned
Beneath the earth did it burn
Freezing ice scathed the Poles
Along the river, strong did it churn.

Then fire gave way
To a man, sweet as day
The ice shattered
And fell away.

And angel revealed
Her dark eyes sealed
The burning man's heart
Was shivering, now chilled.

Her eyes opened and
She saw the man where he did stand
Color flushed her face
And she reached out a hand.

So silent were they
What to say?
They held the other's eyes,
as the night moved to day.

How long they stood there,
And into the other's eyes did stare
As the world around them changed,
Who else would care?

Perhaps this love was never to be,
A man so fiery,
And an angel of ice,
An angel of the sea.

For those who hold another's heart
These two shall never part
Silent lovers in each mind
Never to part.