Come Back My Love

By: Misty

Today I awoke and you weren't there
Today my world had changed
Today I feel such emptiness
My life's been rearranged

No longer can I reach for you
And feel your loving arms
And I'm no longer blessed to know
Your precious, gentle charms.

I go to our familiar place
In hopes of finding you
But here I find just emptiness
Just me and white and blue

Here, where we shared so much love
And so many happy times
Now I'm sitting all alone
And trying to make rhymes.

So many times I read "I love you"
Or "I'll talk to you later"
And as I reflect, I realize
My love for you was never greater.

You said you need some time alone
So I have stepped aside
But here, in my heart, my darlin'
I'll always be your bride.

I'll never turn away from you
And you know where to find me
Just type my name and play a .wav
Because, I know, our love was meant to be.

Today you took my sun away
Today, my tears keep falling
Tomorrow, I pray that you'll come back
Because my love keeps growing

Come back to our secret place
That's only white and blue
But where our hearts can beat as one
As only lovers do.

Be mine ,my love, and once again
Type words of love and romance
Make me sigh and wish that I
Could reach across the distance

To hold you, oh so, tenderly,
To touch your lips, your face, your hand
For I know that together
There's nothing we can't withstand.

Come back my love.