Whatever Happens

By: Sara Marie Anderson

When we first met from across the room,
you looked at me and I looked at you.
At that point little did I know,
Just how strong my feelings would grow.
Later on we talked a bit,
And right then and there it all seemed to click.
You said that night you wish you would have kissed me,
But both you and I know it would have been too risky.
Little did I know what I was doing when I gave you a part of me,
But, now my greatest weakness is exposed for the world to see.
I wish things wouldn't have come to this,
But, my feelings for you I just can't resist.
They tell me now I fell too hard,
And my feelings for you I should disregard.
But, little do they know it's not that easy,
What is it that I am feeling that makes me so queasy?
So here and now I am telling you,
That giving you up I could never do.
If it was up to me I would have you for myself,
But, how long that will take only time can tell.
What happened between then and now is mostly just a blur,
But, one thing I can see very cleary is now you're there with her.
In my heart and in my mind I will always keep you near,
For losing what we have so far is what I mostly fear.
I understand and respect the decision that you've made,
But, there still lies hope in my heart that you'll be mine someday.
You said you always get what you want and I guess I wasn't it,
I know that, for me, it will be hard, b
But hopefully in time I can get through it.
They say you save the best for last and I am hoping that it's true,
Because in my heart and in my mind all I see... is my future with you.