By: V. L. Dingle

You were always there for me,
I never thought you'd go,
Seemed to be always happy,
Never affected by the lows.
Always there to turn to,
When things were going wrong.
When there was any crisis,
You were the one who was strong.

Never knew your problems,
For never did you cry.
When I found out what you had done,
The only question was... why?
Did you think it wouldn't affect me?
Did you think I didn't care?
Why didn't you come and talk to me,
For you I would always be there.

You played a massive part in my life,
That I cannot forget.
I knew we'd be together, forever,
From that moment when we met.
I thought we'd experience life together,
Having lots of fun,
Why did you have to do it?
You were only twenty one.

We had our life ahead of us,
You were my husband and friend
But now I'm on my own in life,
Since you put yours to an end,
At least we kept to our word,
We said, "till death do us part."
But to me you are not dead,
For you will always be alive... in my heart.