Oh, Why Did I Ever Let you Go?

By: Amanda Lane Hall

As I sit here and think
Tears began to slowly stream from my eyes
I can't describe this feeling
This undeniable longing--
Oh, why did I ever let you go?
I can't explain how it happened
It's just you--
The sight of you
Your laughter
Your smile
I can't help but feel this gaping hole in my heart...
For so long I thought I could
Just walk away...
No one seems to understand
Not even myself
Oh, why must I torment myself so?
There was once a time when I was happy--
How I long to go back to it.
How I long to run into your tender embrace--
But, alas, I cannot.
Fate has dealt me a card
That I cannot possibly control.
Now I am doomed to live the remainder of my life
With these feelings...
And it is all my fault.