Love letter not sent

By: Lizette Y. Liendo

Although you may never know,
you are the one I should have not let go.
I didn't fight hard enough,
to save my first taste of love.
I let you walk out of my life,
never to feel your lips against mine.
My heart aches for your return,
for the life in your eyes, my soul yearns.
I miss the tenderness of your touch,
I long to be the one that you dream of.
These insecurities of mine took control,
and left me without you to hold.
Please give me another chance,
to rekindle the love we had in the past.
Don't let me go so easily,
don't throw away all the memories.
My love for you still remains,
even through the tears and the pain.
But, I'm willing to make a brand new start,
so let me in where I once was....inside your heart.