Stop My Tears

By: A. Kelly

You know I love you and everything you do.
You make it a point to say you love me, too,
But why waste your breath on something so untrue
Knowing full well all the pain I've been through?

I wish I could tell you what you mean to me,
But the way you'd react, I can't guarantee.
So, I'll keep it inside and just let things be,
Hoping, on your own, the love I feel you'll see.

Hearing you voice is a sweet, yet, painful bliss.
It leaves me wanting your love, even just one kiss.
I'm so afraid to go, how can I leave this?
How can I let you go, when you are what I'll miss?

It's selfish to have you... and probably wrong.
But you've got to take chances, life's not that long.
I'll make it through alone, I'll try to be strong.
I'll never forget you, but I will move on.

I want to make the most of the time I have here,
By putting away my grief, my pain, and my fear.
So, love me and hold me and help stop my tears.
And I'll love you and want you and always be near.