I Wonder..

By: Carman Lyons

... I wonder where you are
Lost inside with no where to go
I stand here helpless
Reaching to you, so far away

... I wonder who you are
Searching carelessly in this world
I can't find you anywhere
Still, I remember your face

... I wonder how you are
Or even if your feelings remain the same
Mixed thoughts and emotions
Don't worry, I'm doing fine

... I wonder when you'll see me
The love I hold in my heart for you
Amazed by your beautiful eyes
I want to see you again

... I wonder why things happen
How we were separated
Only hoping the day will soon come
All I can do is wait

... I wonder how fate works
Mysteriously bringing us together
Slowly pulling us apart
We stand the test of time

... I wonder what's wrong
Won't you call out my name
I hear your voice no longer
Where did you go

... I wonder where the love went
Lonely, I sit here
Peacefully within myself
Sighs of distress venture out

... I wonder why you had to go
My sorrow rolls down my face
As you disappear slowly
Will you come back?

... I wonder if you'll return
If you'll be the same person
If you'll love me the same
Time takes its toll

... I wonder who we are
Hopelessly lost in love
I wait for your return
To hold me and love me

... I wonder ...