Love's Pain

By: Kat Lena

Distance and time separate us
You and I
Each day I say hello to a memory
Knowing there will be a goodbye

My heart sings your name
Your soul called out to mine
Your velvet voice surrounds me
The love, intoxicating as wine

I wake to thoughts of you
My body as warm as the sun
Feelings as deep as the ocean
Action left undone

The day brings nothing but thoughts of you
Always there...reminding me
Seeking me out
Bringing sweet anguish of what could be

Night steals in, and with it you
Invading my dreams
Slaying my nightmares
Bending reality...nothing as it seems

I wish you were here, by my side
Caressing me
Whispering my name
Loving me

I need your love so much
Always and forever
My heart's true desire
My soul's life endeavor

Our lives were meant to touch
Soul mates lost at sea
Only to have found each other
Just...to be

You are gone now
It's hard to just be
To exist
To know I will never again see
The love on your face
The passion in your eyes
Hear my name on your lips
No...now I look to the skies

Hoping you see me
Smiling at me from above
Wanting you to hear
Each whispered word of love

Hiding my pain
Every anguished cry
Loving me
Knowing my love has never died

I will never love another
As I have you
I hope to never love again
The pain too great, too true

The pain...
No, never love again