Pendulous Gaze

By: Robert Joseph Ammirati

The walls were of gray stone, each step
a maze of black and white marble...my
lady appearing- her every move as though
it had been choreographed elegance
in open display... she ascended each step

Turning as she reached her summit
a delicate smile warmly displayed upon
her face she gracefully brushed back
her dark auburn hair and in a brief
moment her eyes met my own

Frozen in a pendulous gaze, I became
enveloped within emerald spun silk,
the luminous filament her green eyes
wove around my heart

Desirous of speech yet incapable
to render this passion play unfolding
before my eyes I stood as in proxy
of my own self... present yet stymied
within my own amazement

As if she had descended from a canvas-
all of the world's foremost artists
having gathered in one great hall
to create a beauty so profound, my eyes
now being made privy to the wonder of
their hands

In a sovereign yet subtle gesture she
beckoned me to ascend the marble maze
trembling within myself as I mounted
each step...her eyes etching spun silk
upon my heart.