The Way I Feel

By: Someone Who Cares

I sit in my room thinking of you
not knowing what's happening
or what I should do.

You play with my heart, and I don't know why
you build up my hopes
then you tell me good-bye.

I don't know why you smile
then walk away from me
and then returned in while.

It's a little game you play with me
but I want you to hear me
and I want you to see

I am falling for you as the days go by
not knowing how to tell you
because I am shy.

I love the way your eyes light up the night.
and your smile is entrancing
it make all the world seem right.

When I look in your eyes, all I see is bliss
I fight the urge to get near you
to give you a kiss.

I just want you to know how I feel inside
and if you give me a chance
I want to be a part of your life...