My Love, My Bestfriend, My Soul Mate

By: Jessica Jill Warnick

I like when you put your arms around me
When your warm breathe tickles my ear too,
I like when you pull me in tighter
And cradle me close to you.

I like your soft kiss upon my lips
It's your incredible sweet touch,
It opens my heart to many things
And makes me feel so much.

I like how you respect me
And show understanding and care,
I like when you run your finger tips
Through my silky hair.

I like the way you look at me
So tender, so calm,
I like the way your hand feels
So gently in my palm.

I like the feeling you leave me
After I have been kissed,
The way you try to prove to me
That I am deeply missed.

I like you for who you are
The way you turned out to be,
I love you for just the simple fact
You fell in love with me.