By: Elfin Magik

You say that you love me, I say that I love you
Of this I'm not real certain, but the following is true...

How can it be so, love is not this way
Love is happy, speciaL, makes you want to live today.

I wake up in the morning, stuck between heaven and hell
What WILL today bring for me?? I will never be able to tell.

Will it bring me goodness?? Happiness?? or Hell??
Will I start to whistle? or walk on egg shells?

I just get so tired, Love shouldn’t be this hard
I just can’t help but wonder if my deck is missing a card.

It must be missing a card, perhaps the Queen of Hearts
I can’t go on much longer, I keep thinking we need to part.

It’s that damned disease of alcohol, killing my heart inside
If only you could see deep in yourself, surely you wouldn’t hide.

There’s a wonderful person inside of you, waiting to come out
Of this, I am certain; of this, there is no doubt.

Do I stay around being numb and feeling all alone?
Or do I let you be, just say “forget it, I am done”?

All of these questions, and yet there’s not an answer
I just want to be happy, not this feeling of “love cancer”

So please, look in your heart, and please just let me know
If you think it’s worth it to continue, or maybe I should just go.

Someplace in my heart, there’s a space there just for you
But now it’s up to you, tell me what to do.

It used to be so full of love, always calling your name
But after time goes on, it seems like it’s a game.

A game that’s not worth playing now, I want the game to end.
I want to have the love deserved, by you, my husband, my friend.