The Gypsy

By: The Gypsy

The Gypsy dances in the light of the campfire
Sounds of the violin crying in the night
Gathering the golden coins the men throw at her feet
In hopes her gaze will come to rest on them alone

But even as she twirls her brightly colored skirts
Her heart is weeping for her lost love somewhere far away
The strong yet gentle stranger who looked into her soul
And made her heart a prisoner, no longer wild and free

The songs drift out across the night sky
Taking her sorrow and carrying it on the winds
So that Maria's spirit may travel with them
To find her loving captor, the one who holds the key

The Gypsy's flashing eyes and seductive smile
Will hide what most will never see
She has cried so many tears that her soul
Is dry and barren like the desert after a storm

Though others may own her favors and her wares
They will never feel the passion of her love
Till her spirit finds her captured heart
And she is whole within his arms

The Gypsy's spirit so wild and free
Is only a captive if he holds her unwillingly
She journeys far to find her love
For only the stranger can turn the key