By: Doug Roberson

Heart of tin, old as sin
I still feel butterflies inside
all in stride, arms are wide
I welcome you again
smiling, free

I remember all the times
you were so sweet, you see
then the times you broke my heart
love with you always felt so dark
and hot
I reach inside your arms
hold you close to me
open the door, come back for more
hold you close to me
under your skin, let me back in
I feel your heat begin

I remember how it would start
just before I broke your heart
all those times
when I was so sweet
and you
swept off your feet
longing to be complete
another day
another time
once more when I called you mine
held you close to me
once again
one last circle
one new chance
another time we start to dance
round and round
the lights go out...
tell me what this is all about

the lights are gone
swallowed in steely arms
hold you close to me
once again
I hold you
another time, another night
my kiss will make your world seem right
dance for me
dance with me
trust me
you were afraid before
because it was all too real
and I have come at last to steal
your heart
hold you close to me
once again