My Dream

By: Holly Lyn Feldkamp

Does your hand touch my face?
Does my hair smell sweet?
Do we sway back and forth?
Is this real?
Am I really in your arms?
Are we really looking into each other's eyes?
Pinch me- I think I'm dreaming.
Does this night have to end?
Ok. I hear the music, the song
that always makes me think of you.
I feel everyone's eyes on us.
I don't care.
Let them see this angel in my arms.
Let them see me, let them see us.
Ha, in your face, to all those
people who said I'd never get you!
I have you now, and I'll never let you go.
Am I really wearing this silver dress?
Are you really here?
Finally after everything I went through,
just for your love...
This is always how I dreamed it would be,
being in your arms,
you touching my face,
swaying back and forth.
I love this. I love you.

The song is over, and so is my dream.
Goodbye, my love,
I'll be back with the night.