Ode to Friendship

By: gman

Love me with the passion and fire of your silvery voice as it
 sings songs of the beauty and grace of the spirit,
And I will never become a cold-hearted soul that pushes your
  wanting hands away.

Admire me with the awe and respect of little ones meeting their
  immortal idol,
And I will never be a mere passing tourist who does not stop and
  stare with wonder and marvel at your beautiful self.

Cherish me as if I were a mountain of gold that was given to you
  by a lonely prince,
And I will never become a rich man with loose pockets who spends
  his time with you as if it would never run out.

Adore me as if I were your noble lover that would stay with you
  until the end of time,
And I will never be someone filled with indifference at the
  plight of the heart-broken.

Please, hold onto our friendship with the strength and
  desperation of a drowning man to a piece of wood,
Do this, and I will never let you drown.