dying of a broken heart...

By: Cher Moore

I wait for you,
every night,
night and day.
when you come,
love fills the air,
... when you come there.
i miss you every night,
night and day.
i wake up and think about you,
i go to sleep thinking about you.
i sometimes cry myself to sleep.
my heart begins to hurt,
my heart begins to weep.
it breaks my heart,
when things go wrong.
what did i do,
was it the song?
it was my fault,
every night
and everyday
night and day.
sometimes it seems...
like you've lost the love.
your love for me
just flew above.
but no matter what,
i'm still there,
waiting to hug you,
to play with your ear.
every night
and everyday,
night and day.
this cycle continues,
as time passes by,
my heart begins to break,
my heart begins to cry.
as time goes by,
while you're with your friends.
i wait for you,
till it's time to come in.
sometimes i even feel invisible around you,
like i was found on the street,
and you didn't know what to do,
every night and everyday,
night and day.
this cycle continues,
my love is still strong.
hopefully this night doesn't go wrong.
i know it will,
my heart said to me.
he came up to me,
with a bouquet of flowers.
we sat and talked for hours.
as the time passed by,
i had to be in.
hopefully the night will be the same,
as this night has been.
hours passed,
maybe even days,
i cried myself to sleep,
waiting for my love to get back,
maybe this week.
my love arrives,
back from the city
he said he still loved me,
but he's really busy.
as time passes by,
my heart begins to die,
i can't handle it, i said.
i might as well be dead.
the ground was cold,
my skin was ice.
as i laid there
i said "this is nice"
my heart was dying
i was crying.
no one around.
while i was lying.
before i took my last breath of air,
last touch of a feather,
i said " tell james i love him forever."