A Message from Gwen

By: S. Hall Zilla

My love.....
I had a dream last night.
I dreamed that you came to see me,
It had to have been where I work,
The way the dream proceeds.

I was not there, so you talked with my friend
And inquired as to how I was getting along,
She shared with you - that I had spoken of you..
But that all my hope seems to have gone.

She told me you looked really good,
She said... "Girl, I can understand your plight";
You then asked her to tell me-----
That you were getting married that night.

I don't know why I felt so sad..
I already knew you enjoyed married bliss (smile),
I guess, I just wish I had been there
To exchange with you one last kiss.

I awoke with tears on my face
And renewed sadness in my heart,
Damn..... when will I accept the inevitable....
We are destined to be apart.

I know I told you I'd try to be strong----
But it'll take a few more tears,
I know I told you I'd try to forget you----
But it'll take a few more years.

I told you how proud I was of you..
It's not surprising to me,
I knew, long ago,
The kind of husband you would be.

I realize that it's your nature
To be honest, loyal and true;
Then... why do I get angry at your lack of response,
When I know you're just being you.

Anyway, Baby, I just had to express
What this dream meant to me..
And I pray that I am there,
The next time your spirit is free.