If Only, If Only

By: Kaye E. Jasareno

You know me,
I know you

You loved me
I loved you

I left you for another
You grieved and wept

To me it didn't matter
I had someone else

Although I still loved you,
I loved the other more

But then you started to hate me,
more and more

As the months went on
And the days grew long

That fire inside you
Had taken over, outside you

Although I left the other
(Or the other left me)

I could not get you to love me
As passionately

Now, I'm the one
Who grieves and weeps

You hate me
I love you

You gave me a gift
I'll always cherish

I hate myself
For making you perish

I wish you'd forgive me,
You never will

Anger inside you
Has left your heart still

If only, if only
You knew how I felt

I know you'd come back to me
As if I never left