That Feeling

By: Alyosha Vladimirovich Stepnoy

The moon, the stars, the sun above,
They all are symbols of our love.
Look at the singing birds, high in the sky,
They are my thoughts of love just flying by and by.

The clouds of course are symbols too,
They’re full of love I am giving you.
Now look below, under your feet...
A little further, not on the rocky street.

Just look at this green grass,
Through eyes that shine like crystal glass.
Just look around and see,
This is where you first met me.

That day I saw you walking by,
I felt like I was high up in the sky.
The day we met I always will remember,
I want to celebrate it each September.

That’s why I brought you here.
Exactly a year ago, that’s when I got the fear.
The fear of losing you,
Oh, please, believe... for it is true.

This is the street where in love we fell.
This is the place where Cupid cast his spell.
I hope that we will never be apart,
Because the love I have for you is why I have my heart.