My Misfortune

By: Sandra Latoya Morgan

The rain, it keeps on pouring
Drowning me in my tears
That come from all these fears
Of turning into something I don't want to be

A fear of simplicity
That I'll turn into the next "Modern Affair"
The sorrow always there
Dreaming up things that cannot be

Love, a kaleidoscope;
Troubles, everywhere I turn-
Doubling in intensity
With every move I make.

Like the clouds
I slowly but constantly change
While they sit and watch
Making me out to be things I'm not.

I tend to glue myself
to the ones which are most chaotic
So many serpents
I let slither into my tree
Poisoning it with every bite of their venomous fangs.

They are the devil
And I their Eve
Giving into their every will
They exploit my vulnerability
For I have no Adam to protect me.