Someone Special

By: Daniel 57 Moon

You’ve known him for quite some time
But I don’t think you ever knew
That he fell in love with someone special,
He fell in love with you

It seemed as though he knew you
For many, many years
Together, you laughed and cried
Sharing each others tears

It almost feels like yesterday-
That night he held you in his arms
The night he fell in love with someone special
The night he fell in love with you

Many lonely nights have gone by
Many painful days
And he constantly asks himself, “Why?”
...Why did you go away?

Life has lost its meaning
The days have become cold
You were his hopes for living
But, now, those dreams are old

He would have done anything
For you to be by his side
He knows it wasn’t meant to be
But he can’t hide the feelings inside

He is calling out to someone special
To the one that never knew
He is calling out for someone special...
My heart is calling out for you