To My Mom

By: joshua dale samuels

Throughout my life
I have come to many dead ends.
But every time I have retraced my steps
And made new friends.

The first time I really met you
was the night of the Jingle Bell Ball.
From then on,
You caught me when I started to fall.

Like an Angel
Sent to watch over me,
You knew when to hold me tight,
And when to set me free.

You were there to greet me
Every time I walked in the door.
You always gave me the helping hand
When I fell flat on the floor.

Even at basketball games
I could look up in the stands,
Every time I would do good,
Like I was your biological son,
I saw you clap your hands.

The Smile from your face
Glowed like the stars shining bright,
and when I start to feel lonely,
I can always look up and find you at night.

My whole life
I have yearned for love.
when I met you,
that inadequacy was taken care of.

Throughout our deep, and incisive conversations,
and sharing our thoughts and inspirations,
Through the good times and bad,
You have helped me through times- wonderful and sad.

I pray that the Good Lord
Watches over you every second of the day,
And when he comes to collect his flock
I know that with him, you will stay.

For you have Heaven in your speech,
A touch of love in your palm,
Angels in your eyes,
And I will always know you as... my Mom.