Alone Again

By: D Foster

once again, left alone
upon some distant beach
there once was love
so within reach

now there is nothing
but emptiness and sorrow
how do I make myself
go on with tomorrow?

i had a friend
promised for life
the friendship blossomed
to something ten times as nice

it was too much trouble
for her to bear
now i’m left with double
the pain I once had

life is hard and so unfair
i thought i had found true love
it was time for me to share
now i know what a fool i was

now i have to defend
and fight for my life
it is time to bend
and go with the flow

i hope that by tomorrow
i’ll know which way to go
i just want you to know
that i will always love you so

i’m sorry that you’re tired
i didn’t mean to make you blue
i just want you to know
that i love only you