This Day Has Just Begun

By: Chelse Elliot

When I awoke this morning
wrapped in your arms
the lavender sheets you bought
reminded you of my poetry,
My mind wandered the pathways
of realization,
seeking the sweet clarity
of blinding love-
Cuddled in a coma against you
with your sleeping breath
softly whispering in the tendrils
of my hair
In these fields of love you lie with me
and your lips play my skin
like a tambourine
I tremble-
and the ribbons of my soul
flutter under your rhythmic touch
How do you know the music
that makes my heart sing?
The composition of my soul is sacred unto me
and, yet, you know the words
and your fingers strum the chords
with grace and gentle mastery.
And more questions bloom like
roses drinking the summer sun-
Where did the loneliness go?
Did you know your sapphire eyes
are the exact color of the moment
that the blue sky turns into
the indigo night?
Is it possible to tell you how
I love you?
Are there words in this world
to express twirling joy as I lie
in the stillness of your arms?
Wake my love, and kiss me again
for the long lonely night has ended
And the warmth of this day
has just begun