The Silence Cries

By: Brianna Sylvain

Life is my ship
Floating across my sea of emotions
A wave of affection slips by
A ripple of love tickles the hull
Slowly I trudge along
Quietly a hint of truth is revealed
The ocean is deaf
Persistantly a hint of truth is revealed
No ear will listen to the ship's wake
Floating, the wake whispers
Darkness expands on the horizon
Growing deeper darker quickly
A storm of tears falls from above
Cries of thunder crash unceasingly
True lightning screams out
Begging to be noticed and adored
The sea replies only with a break
The cold white foam is only a reminder
A reminder of the deaf ear of the ocean
Mourning the ship sways pleadingly
Waiting silently for a hint returned
The storm rages on
It's eye closes in with another tear
Violently the wind begins to howl
Moaning whining swaying
My ship leans closer to the water
A stronger message is emitted
Unexpectedly the sea responds
Expectedly a confusing reply
The ship cries a tear of joy
Joy turns to sorrow
Sorrow prevails
The sea does not seem to need the ship
As the ship desperately needs the sea
It's quieter now
The storm has passed
Raging along a different path
Sweeping to some other lonely vessel
My ship slowly sinks
Sinks into a deeper depression
Seeking the attention the sea never gives.