your loss

By: sarah climber girl

it's hard to think of the good times
when i see my scarred heart;
so many happy memories
were later torn apart.

it's hard to remember you loved me
when i see what had to come next:
months of heartache and infinite sadness
(though i know it was for the best)

i know i'm a better person
now that i made it through
the times of hopelessness and tears...
courtesy of you.

my wish for you is this--
that you'll see what you did to me
how you broke my heart and stole my soul
saying, "it wasn't meant to be."

i hope one day you'll come back
and see what i've become
and think to yourself, "what a pity it is
that i was not the one."

i know in my heart i'm happier...
(you never treated me right)
but nothing on earth can erase the pain
you brought upon me that night.

there's one more thing that you should know...
i don't have any regrets.
and over the years i may forgive...
but NEVER will i forget.