the one i love

By: lori beth whitenight

love is pain
love is pain, when i can't see the one i love
when i yearn to be with you
yet i know it won't happen
so i dream
and i think
until all my thoughts are of you
all my dreams include you
and when i close my eyes
you are all i see
when the wind blows and i imagine i can hear you wispering.....
but then realize, it was just the wind
i would give anything to touch your body
to kiss you all over
to be with you would be all my dreams coming true
even for just a moment
i want to kiss your body
i want to see your face
and i need more that an image from closing my eyes
i need you
yet i can't have you
so i pretend
i pretend you are with me
til i can almost feel you against me
til my body turns warm
and i can hear you breathing
but.... then i open my eyes
and you are gone
my body turns cold and i shiver
and i wish you were near
love is pain
love will always be pain til i'm with the you,
the one i love