New Love

By: Rebecca Larkin

Yesterday I was told
you were feeling sad,
I set my mind to it
That I'd try to make you glad.

I never knew I'd feel this way,
That my heart would suddenly melt.
For when I saw your face today,
I knew it was love I felt.

I cannot let it show so strong,
for you would never feel this, too.
You're way too good to get with me,
But anyday I'd get with you.

You're sadness made me realize
that guys have feelings too,
I wanted to cuddle you so much
but there was nothing I could do.

I'll always be waiting here,
if you need a shoulder to lean on.
And if you ever want to be together,
I'll never treat you wrong.

For I've always dreamed of calling you mine,
Introducing you as my 'boyfriend',
And in my arms I'd hug you tight,
Love lasting to the end.