By: Vanessa Turner

No one was supposed to know.
I couldn't tell anyone.
You are like family to me
That would be wrong
If I ever even thought
Of dating you.

I told my sister about my feelings to you.
You found out.
You said you thought of me as the same and you wanted to
"hook up"
But I wanted more then that.

But I went along with it.
U said we had to sneak around
That our families couldn't know.
But I don't get that if we felt the same way
Why do we have to hide our feelings?

I told you how I felt about this.
You yelled at me.
But why?
Just before u were sayng
Our families couldn't keep us apart.

So u confused me.
I want you so badly
But I can't have you.
Our families are keeping us apart.
Or maybe it is you.